Chamber Introduction-The Advantage of Environmental Test Chambers

2017/09/14 13:19:09

The environmental test chambers enable your company to carry out the following types of testing on your own site without sending your equipment to expensive test houses and subjected to their lengthy schedule waiting time. They offer an excellent cost effective solution to all your company’s performance testing of your products or reliability and quality testing of your products and materials.

Environmental test chambers feature a wide temperature range and relative humidity (RH) ranges and vary from manufacturer. Most modern test chambers feature microprocessor-based controllers with computer communications,autotune, solid state RH sensor, and stainless steel temperature probes. LED displays of temperature and RH during operation show both process and set point values. Environmentally-friendly HFC refrigerant and CFC-free insulation are utilized by most reputable test chambers manufactures of today.

While some companies rely on test labs to do all their testing, such as those operated by Wyle Labs and National Technical Systems, most companies are realizing the customization, freedom and time savings of purchasing their own test chambers equipment so they can test when and whatever they want.

Audible and visual temperature alarms alert the users of any temperature deviation from active set point, or that the high limit has been exceeded. In the event of a power failure, nonvolatile memory allows the test chambers to return to original set point when power is restored.

Environmental test chambers are used to simulate environmental conditions, and assess the damage caused by them, on test subjects. This process is important for manufacturers who want to be sure that the products they offer to the public will have a reasonable lifetime expectancy. Also, such testing helps to determine the environmental conditions in which a product functions optimally, as well as the environmental conditions that are best to avoid. 

Environmental test chambers also help to estimate the expected lifespan of a product. They can simulate the “aging” of the product and help to anticipate potential problems that may occur as the product ages.

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