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Rain Test Chambers

Rain test chambers for ingress protection testing simulates rain/water test as per IEC 60529 and DIN 40050-9((IP Code standard)) test standard.
• IPX1 Protection against vertically dripping water
• IPX2 Dripping water ± 15° from vertical
• IPX3 Protection against spraying water
• IPX4 Protection against splashing water
• IPX5 Protection against low pressure jetting water
• IPX6 Protection against high pressure jetting water
• IPX7 Protection against temporary immersion
• IPX8 Protection against continuous immersion
• IPX9K Extremely high pressure jetting water
Note: Morningtest could make some IP test methods together in one chamber. For example, one chamber with IPX1&IPX2 and IPX3&IPX4. More information will be provided when inquiry.
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